Clinic Area and Theory Classroom

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Clinic Area and Theory Classroom


1. Clinic Area:

Our well planned clinic area consists of 32 hairstyling chairs, mirrors, sinks and working counters with separate shampoo. It is adequately lighted and fully air conditioned and heated with a central cooling and heating system.


2. Theory Classrooms:

These rooms were planned for the students comfort. They consists

of writing arm chairs, instructors desk and numerous

anatomical charts as required by the State Board of Barbers.

The students have their own computer with online access.

Numerous visual and audio equipment may be utilized by the

student at their own discretion. They are adequately lighted

with easy to read safety exits.


Both our clinic and classroom area have been approved for safety by the Quincy Building Department.

Please contact us at 617-770-4444


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