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Absentee Policy


1. The school should be notified if the student is late

or absent from classes.

2. The only absenteeism that will be permitted is one that is accompanied with a valid doctors certificate.

3. The school will determine if an absence of a non-

medical nature is permitted.

4. If a student is 15 minutes late for class, he/she will

be asked to attend the afternoon class and morning

hours will be spent in clinic work.

5. All students are expected to arrive and leave on time

for all class sessions.



1. All students are expected to Swipe-In and Swipe-out

daily, and on time.

2. The school is run on clock hours, therefore students only receive credit for the time Swiped-In and Swiped-out for.

3. Tardiness will reduce the amount of clock hours and

will increase the student's projected graduation

date. Therefore, it is in the student's best interest to be on time daily.

Termination policy

A student may terminate their enrollment with the school at any time in accordance with the school's minimum cancellation and settlement policy.


The school may terminate the enrollment agreement under the following conditions:

1. Infractions of the school's rules and regulations.

2. Absent for 30 consecutive calendar days without a leave of absence.

3. Not maintaining satisfactory progress for two consecutive evaluation segments.

4. Failure to return from a leave of absence on the scheduled date.

5. Student’s failure to meet their financial

obligation to the school.



Definition of Clock Hours

Whenever mentioned in this brochure, one hour of scheduled time is equal to 55 minutes of actual instruction.


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